Zombie Dungeon App

Zombie Dungeon App

Game Size: 6.4M

Released:May 21, 2015

Game Information:

Once upon a time, there was an annoying zombie named Bruce living in a dungeon. Bruce has a bit of a binge eating disorder and is obsessed with cakes that look like human faces. Now he is planning to take an adventure.
To prevent the world from being destroyed and maintain peace, you need to entice Bruce to eat all cakes in the dungeon until he arrives at the deepest part of the dungeon (level 30 perhaps). Remember to make use of the torches scattered around, they will light your way in the dungeon.
And don’t forget to collect the golden key on each floor. By doing so, you can make sure this zombie will be locked away deep in the dungeon. (Will this work? Probably.)
Now, my friend, the adventure begins.

How To Play:

Follow the instruction of the game to play!