Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing

Game Size: 81.7M

Released:Feb 24, 2016

Game Information:

Start your engines! Stock car racing explodes with professional oval track action.
What people are saying: I love this game. It reminds me so much of Nascar 2003. The one everyone loved. -Kannesss
Very realistic, good graphics and VERY ADDICTIVE!!! A must for any NASCAR fan!! -GyroDrummer
Experience the adrenaline as you race door to door at speeds over 200mph. Choose your stock car and race on 5 different speedways including the 1 Mile, 2.5mi Quad-Oval, a 1.5mi Tri-Oval and the Paperclip!
RACE MODES : Multiplayer - Race head to head against other players Regulation - Race and set the difficulty for higher prizes Ladder - Race against progressively faster opponents for increasing prizes. Endurance - Race the full 400 lap distance. Hot Lap - Set your fastest single lap on Game Center Practice - Practice racing lines and setup car for race trim
EXPERIENCE THE SPEED Feel your machine on the absolute limit of adhesion. Earn in-game cash to buy, upgrade, repair and adjust your Stock Car. Qualify to unlock new tracks for increasing prize money.
ONLINE MULTIPLAYER RACING Beat your friends and join the privileged few to make it onto the leaderboards.
MULTIPLE TRACKS 4 unique tracks to unlock.
REAL CRASH PHYSICS Persistent car-damage with sparks, smoke and flames for realistic racing.
CUSTOMISE YOUR STOCKCAR Design your Stock Car with team colours, hood graphics and racing numbers in the Paintshop.
UPGRADE YOUR STOCKCAR Engine, tires and chassis increasing your car's overall performance.
SETUP YOUR STOCK CAR Allows you to adjust your car for race trim.
REAL SIMULATION Visually stunning 3D graphics and realistic physics.
RUBBER-BANDING ASSIST Helps gets you back into the race quicker.
EARN IN-GAME CASH Based on finishing position and calculated each lap round, the higher you place the more you earn.
Drivers start your engines!

How To Play:

Follow the instruction of the game!