Floor Run APP

Floor Run APP

Game Size: 9.6M

Released:Nov 10, 2015

Game Information:

Floor Run is the latest jumping game by Z6 Studios, one of the most prolific publishers on the App Store and Google Play. You control a character who runs across multiple floors, but each floor is filled with spikes, so your goal is to navigate successfully through as many of them as possible.
Run and jump your way through large amount of floors and deadly spikes! Collect diamonds to unlock 20+ new cool characters. Which floor can you reach? Let's start!

● The rules are simple
● Hone your tactical skills
● Easy and fun to play
● High quality sound effects.

How To Play:

In the game, you can perform two basic actions depending on how long your finger is on your phone’s display. A light tap allows you to do a short jump, which should be sufficient to help you hurdle one spike. But if you hold down for a long time, you’ll do a longer jump, perhaps one that could help you hurdle four consecutive spikes. It’s all that easy, but as you’ll find out eventually, things can get challenging as you get farther.