Battle of Balls

Battle of Balls

Game Size: 69.4M

Released:Mar 24, 2016

Game Information:

Battle of Balls has broken out! This is an ultra fun, cute and challenging casual game allowing players all over the world to compete with one another in real time. In the game, you will play a ball and your only aim is survival. Hey, try your best to eat smaller balls and get bigger and bigger.

It is true in the world bigger balls will eat smaller balls sooner or later.
Every ball in the world should try their best to get bigger!
Simply move your ball properly to eat smaller balls on the way and make your ball bigger.
Don't be frustrated even if your ball is rather small. Just try eating smaller balls to get bigger.
Even if you are an extremely big ball, you should watch out for hidden weapons.

[Simply Use 1 Finger to Play]
No matter how lazy you are, you can play the game everywhere simply using one finger.

[Fun Strategies]
You may make use of various strategies to survive in the game. For example, you may hide inside bushes to prevent being detected by others, split once to eat a smaller ball, hide behind a big ball for safety, etc.

[Customizable Appearance and Name]
Every player can customize their own avatar's appearance and name. Just kindle your imagination to create a cool avatar.

[Players All Over the World]
The game is accessible to players all over the world. Just eat your friends, eat your neighbors, eat strangers, etc. Isn't it fun, huh?

How To Play:

Follow the instruction of the game!